Casting Classes

The dental profession has been responsible for most of the advances in the lost wax casting process. Lost wax was also preformed long ago on a larger scale in Greece with their hollow cast bronze life size models of athletes and Gods. Ancient hollow castings also found in Africa are testament to the lost wax method.


As today we enjoy many items made in metal. Often times we may never stop to think of which process with which it was created or who took the time to design the items we use. Casting is just one step in a process of many. From design to the finished product, a piece of jewelry can be a journey that can challenge an experienced professional.  


Please join us for one of our casting classes to learn the art of casting.


Casting I:

You will learn the basics of producing wax models and casting into metal utilizing the lost wax method.  Click here for a complete course description.  For a schedule of classes email


Casting II:

You will advance your knowledge and techniques in casting using different methods of casting such as hollow casting and casting with different metals.  Click here for a complete course description.  For schedule of upcoming classes, email

Cuttlefish Casting:

Cuttlefish casting is a very old form of casting method. Evidence of excavated belt buckles from 6th or 7th century  Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany were found with the distinctive pattern of the cuttlefish markings on the back. 

Particularly along the Mediterranean, cuttlefish bone was plenty and would wash upon shore. Up until the 1950’s, the Italian jewelry manufacturer Gori e Zucchi, utilized cuttlefish bone casting on a mass production level.


The Cuttlefish Casting will explore this ancient method of casting.  Click here for a complete course description. For a schedule of upcoming classes, email




Custom casting classes are available to meet your specific needs.  Certain restrictions apply.  For more informaton, contact